Chairperson's Message


Our country is sitting on the verge of moving from an emerging economy to a developed economy. Every major corporate action in Bangladesh is about change, be its business process transformation or mergers and acquisitions, rebranding, high growth or geographical expansion, and the role which Management Skills development professionals play in this mega transformation holds key to the success of this mission. The business of learning is becoming very specialized in a country where the competence gap is very high between what businesses expect and what’s available, not just at the entry level but at all levels.

Among the most important roles and responsibilities of a Management Skills development professional is his ability to understand current capabilities not just in terms of employee skills, but also in terms of knowledge, behavior, leadership and building employability for the future.

With the extended focus on on-the-job learning, there is an ever increasing demand on Management Skills development professionals to provide managers and employees with the necessary tools to embed recommendations for on-the-job learning into existing processes and activities and thereby play the role of an architect to devise on-the-job learning methodologies to enhance the learning capabilities of employees - electively teaching them how to learn. While welcoming all those who are keen to Education program devised to attract professionals to help develop themselves into well rounded Management Skills development professionals will go a long way in achieving this objective.

I wish all of you a great learning experience.

Moha. Rafiqul Islam
Chairperson, Learn & Grow.

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