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The 2020 version of Revit gives us a good number of news. Some cosmetic and other more revolutionary. Some changes are functional, and many others (the vast majority) changes that improve the functioning of the tools that the previous versions of the program already had.

The template for the Revit drawing block is called an elevation or surface block. Template is used to create a drawing area that represents a roof for the building. it is used for various purposes, such as in commercial, residential, or industrial buildings, parking garage, or any other building type that must be drawn on the floor elevation. Template element is a powerful and flexible tool, which makes it possible to create drawings that are ready from the draft in the working model.

Because the Revit drawing area is a fixed shape, if you change the position of the template block, the drawing area will also move and resize. In order to avoid this issue, you can create a permanent drawing area with the shape of a template block in the working model.

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