PS2 – SCPH39001.bin



PS2 – SCPH39001.bin

NVM. NVM.. Graduate student volunteering takes off at Lab It’s a story of growing pains, an early example of the Volunteer Experience in the Lab, and a taste of the humble beginnings of the new graduate program. Evan Parzych was hired as a full-time assistant professor in the Department of Music earlier this year. But when his wife went back to full-time work and the family suddenly got tight on cash, he helped out a little. Not much. Parzych and his spouse, Catherine Kielty-Parzych, have two daughters, ages 7 and 10, both in day care. Not a single minute of free time in a day filled with housework and work schedules. When Catherine needed to take a bioethics course for a minor, she sought a volunteer for the assignment. With a newborn son, she knew a little less than a year ago that she’d come close to baby-sitting her own two daughters full time. “We had one hour a week that we could dedicate to an assignment for one of our courses,” Parzych said. “I said ‘I’ll take the time.'” She sent Parzych a request for help. He got things rolling quickly. She will be the first to admit that she over-emphasized the fast pace of things at first, especially where deadlines were concerned. Parzych knew that he could take it slow if necessary. “It’s been a long-term process,” Parzych said of the process of creating an experience that will span the five years he will be a graduate student. “I didn’t want to just jump right in and say, ‘Hey, we’re ready.’ I wanted to make sure that I had something to present to the department to show what I could provide.” The result is “The Volunteer Experience in the Lab,” an enterprise that started in early September and will allow Parzych to explore how to design collaborative learning and educational experiences for graduate students. “Working as a graduate student, I’m constantly trying to teach new skills,” Parzych said. “I wanted to figure out how to do that with a student (who) is working on a project on his or her own.” A freshman at Iowa State, Kielty-Parzych works with a staff of 20 on a 28,000-word research proposal due in a month. K

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