In the Lands Between, humans and elves have lived side by side for a long time. Elves live on the surface in the cities and towns, and the humans live deep underground in the mines and dungeons. Elves and humans are members of the same civilization, and throughout the many years the two have led their lives in isolation from one another, each content with their own way of life. Riseship Games is an independent developer of online RPG games based in Japan. Since its founding in 2011, Riseship Games has steadily worked on the development of its first title, the fantasy action RPG Elden Ring. The game was released on PC and mobile platforms in September 2017, and has garnered high praise and a large user base. For more information about the game, please visit ABOUT BEASTHOUSE PR: Beasthouse is a publishing company in the entertainment industry that has a strong vision for the future and was founded in 2013 with the goal of delivering “beautiful” games. Beasthouse is also responsible for the development of the game, and is a creator of original games based on our knowledge and experience gained in the game industry. Our slogan is: “Beasthouse: the future of the game industry”, and we aim to deliver “beautiful” games to the people of the future. ABOUT TOPEICHI PUBLISHING INC.: Topei Publishing, Inc. is a company that is based in the Japanese capital and specializes in the original development of games based on manga, anime, and more. The company was founded in 2004, and since then has worked on numerous original titles that range from educational games to free-to-play action games and action games based on movies and television series. Topei Publishing, Inc. was registered as a corporation in 2007, with a limited liability company being established as its parent company in February 2012. The company currently employs around fifty employees. ABOUT RISE, TARNISH, BE ELDEN LORD. Rise, Tarnish, and be Elden Lord. The number-one, fastest-selling PC RPG, Rise, Tarnish, and be Elden Lord. In the Lands Between, humans and elves have lived side by side for a long time. Elves live on the surface in the


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Vast World with Various Sceneries and Monsters
  • Prepare Yourself for Interesting Dungeon Battles
  • Combine Allies to Take Down Monsters & Monsters
  • Racial and Class Skills that Build up As the Character Level increases
  • Create a Character with Appearance and Skill Profiles that are Free to Choose
  • Items with a variety of Effects such as Weapon & Character Enhancement
  • Offline Battle feature

    • An Exciting, Planned, Compelling World Environment
    • A Practical Mechanism for Descending into Dungeons
    • Featuring Mini Dangling Story Scenes
    • A System that Feels Co-Existing with Other Players

    Elden Ring Servants

    • Featuring Major Servants Set in the Roleplaying Menu
    • More Servants to be Added as the Development Continues

    Date of Release :






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    “If you have been waiting to get your hands on FFXV, then start getting your hands on the Elden Ring Crack For Windows as well. It is a great expansion to the game. It makes it even better.” – Jack de Leon (The Escapist, SEGA, IGN) “With the help of the generic and oddly named Tarnished gear, which basically turns you into an unbalanced idiot, but you can’t avoid the fact that you’re ultra powerful and crazy, you can find yourself in deep trouble for the cost of a chicken dinner. There’s a lot of action to be had, though, and if you’re willing to invest yourself, you can lose days or weeks of your life in a quest to better your gear.” – Jerry (TEW, GameSpot) “An exciting addition that redefines the fantasy RPG genre.” – IGN “Elden Ring is, simply put, a great game. It has a vast amount of content that fills in quite a few gaps.” – Ray Nadeau (RPGFan) “Fans of Final Fantasy XV should go back and play the original because you won’t find anything like this in the main game. It’s a party game that is not afraid to mix things up. It’s recommended for any Fantasy RPG fan.” – Stephen Kahle (RPG Vault) “Elden Ring’s dynamic story, richly developed characters, and strong game design are an all-out joy to play, easily eclipsing the excellent main game.” – Brett White (The Guardian) “It’s a nostalgia trip that’s hard to deny, and if you’ve ever loved Final Fantasy, you’ll want to jump on this one.” – Vinnie Bruno (Games World India) “Final Fantasy XV: A Realm Reborn strives to be a fully interactive Final Fantasy. And as part of that vision, Square Enix has done a wonderful job of developing the game in a way that preserves the fantasy feel of the series while adding its own original gameplay mechanics. If there was ever a case for remaking a Final Fantasy game, this is the one. If you love Final Fantasy, you’ll love this.” – Brett Scollins (Hudson News) “Despite its second, longer life, Elden Ring feels like an addition to Final Fantasy XV that exists in its own world. You’ll find yourself bff6bb2d33


    Elden Ring

    Designation: (Hero) Category: RPG Platform: Android Release date: 2015-08-22 Vendor: Nexon Starting price: Free Editor’s Review: This game is a relic of another era for the young generation who grew up on a huge variety of multiplayer games in the 90s such as Ragnarok Online, Aion, Lineage, Star Trek Online, as well as on genres which have gone through a subtle decline, such as the Action RPG, with games such as Final Fantasy Tactics remixed with an ‘open sandbox’ gameplay style, with minor events thrown in to try and mimic the experience of a videogame in a board game, such as the Fire Emblem series. However, despite there being some minor improvements that have been made to the action RPG, the gameplay still shares several fault lines, almost all of which stem from the fact that it is a spiritual successor to Lineage and Aion, both of which have a very loose basic gameplay structure, where if you see a new game, and think ‘hmm, that game looks cool’, you put your ‘armor’ on and play. Unfortunately, in Tarnished Realm, they also followed in the footsteps of the other ‘somewhere in between fantasy and action game’, which resulted in most of the game being fine for its type, the thing that was very apparent was that it felt incredibly dated, which was amplified by the lack of content you could expect from a ‘free’ ‘launched’ game. That could be expected of a game whose budget was probably a max of $20-30 million, which still managed to fail in market due to its limitations. When the game was first released, in July last year, we all were very interested to see what Nexon was going to bring with it in the form of a fantasy action RPG. It was a game that we had seen in the engine of Lineage 2, but Nexon made it a much better game due to the overhaul of the engine which removed the ‘drawing’ of the game, as they called it, which had the players sort of waiting for the action to start on the screen. Aside from that, it also had a very well-optimized engine, which had such things as character and monster lists which showed you how much power


    What’s new:

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    Darkness rules the Norse lands, and a world of bloody ambition still smolders in chaos. Friends have fallen, and the lives of many others hang in the balance. Heroes have answered the call, and their courage and cunning prove decisive in the fight for victory. In answer to the needs of his people, the Morskarkmender Thorgrim has declared his intention to increase his influence in the royal court, to forge a new alliance among all kingdoms, and to strike at the roots of the black menace that has threatened his homeland. But in face of the vital need to unite his people, and the noble, but headstrong, ambitions of Thorgrim’s family, friends, and comrades, how can the wise King’s chosen stand united to save a people and a universe?

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    1. Close other applications running in the background. (WARNING: THIS STEP MAY RESULT IN BROKEN GAME) 2. With Task Manager open, click on “End process” to end the process named “Mozilla Thunderbird” and any other game processes 3. Download the game 4. Unpack the game archive and run “Readme.txt” 5. Close the game’s installation file and run the game 6. Follow all of the onscreen instructions (optional) 7. Enjoy playing When a direct link is available, you can also download the game from the “Downloads” section. Your game progress will be automatically saved. Important Note: Running multiple modules at the same time may cause the game to stop responding. You may need to reboot your computer to load the game properly. Game title : ELDEN RING (PC) Version : 1.04 Developer : Rom Games Studio Category : Action Resolution : 640×480 Size : 5.1 MB Language : English Storyline: Tarnished: A Land Between Worlds The Lands Between are shattered by a horrible evil known as the Dark Lord and rule an oppressed realm known as Tarnished. You are Crown Prince Rubias, one of the few remaining soldiers of the Land Without. Born in the Great Battle, you are renowned for your noble heart. But now your father has been killed and your uncle banished from the royal court. Suddenly, you find yourself heir to the throne. Your twin sister Alistair has been enslaved by a cult and vowed to bring down the prince and princess who have imprisoned her. Your enemy is a powerful dark spirit from the realm of Ahriman, who is wreaking havoc on the land. The lands in the west are even worse than Tarnished, and contain the seven dungeons from which the beast draws its strength. Unveil the mystery behind the southern nation’s sudden defeat and discover the truth behind the horrific disasters that have befallen the Lands Between. There’s a plot afoot in the Lands Between and you must rise to stop it. The DLCs: Battle Arena Ruin of the Ruins Outland – Contains a new overworld map, character class updates, and a number of other details. Special Notes


    How To Crack:

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    How to join:

    • You will be redirected to the game’s page which will appear below the game main page
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    How to play:

    • You will be redirected to the game’s page which will appear below the game main page
    • Click Start

    More Info :

    • Change the location of your installation to the default folder: C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Elden Ring\
    • In the Open With option select: Stardust-Terminal – Stardust Terminal started from Desktop – Stardust Desktop – Stardust Desktop from >

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