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For all the tools Photoshop provides, making and saving changes in Photoshop is very easy and can be mastered with practice. In this chapter, I show you how to use Photoshop’s tools for editing photos and then show you how to export your images in a variety of formats. ## Working with the History Panel The History panel has a set of tools that enable you to return to past states of a file. To move backward or forward in time, all you have to do is click the arrows to the left and right of the item name at the top left of the panel. Figure 19-1 shows the History panel displaying a series of image edits. If I click the arrow at the left of the image name, I jump back in the History panel to a previous set of edits. You can move forward in time as well by clicking the arrow at the right of the name. You can click the date at the top right of the panel to view the date and time the image was created. Click the star icon to clear out the entire History panel (or clear all history). Photoshop has a very strong layer-based editing system that comes in extremely handy when working with very complex editing jobs. Basically, layers and groups are Photoshop’s way of showing you where changes are being made in your image. As you’ll see in a moment, the History panel shows you the changes in a file’s layers. If you look in the layers area of a file, you can see what changes have occurred in the layers over time. In this case, a quick comparison of the first image and the last image reveals the image has been changed in quite a number of ways. Photoshop’s layers and history are a pretty big part of the program. A lot of people move the steps of editing their images up to a layer so they can jump between stages of editing and save as multiple files. Figure 19-1: Click the arrows to the left and right of a file to jump back in the History panel or clear out all history. Figure 19-2 shows an image with the History panel open. Notice the layout of the layers and the History panel displayed. The layers in the top left are those that make up the Photoshop file. Figure 19-2: Click the star icon to clear out all history in the History panel. You can view the Layers panel in the top left of the History panel, which displays the layers in the file.

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Like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements is available as a plug-in for both Windows and Mac, however, it is a free version of Photoshop. Photographers will still need to purchase Photoshop to use the ‘professional’ tools or Elements to use the ‘basic’ tools that will likely suffice for most users. Before we start any editing, let’s discuss image saving and viewing options in Photoshop. Image Saving Options Photoshop has a File Save for web. This allows users to save a web-ready image that may be downloaded and viewed on any device. If you are sharing images online for web purposes, the web save option is a great option that is available by default in all newer versions of Photoshop. Here are some of the other options Photoshop offers. Open Photoshop You can open your file directly from Finder or Windows Explorer by navigating to the image and selecting it. However, this method is not recommended, because once you’ve opened the image, it will be stored in the default Photoshop document, so you cannot save the file with the same name. Create a New Photoshop Document You can create a new Photoshop document by clicking the New document button on the top menu bar. If you’re using the Open dialog (File > Open) to select the file, it will still create a new document. This is the recommended method for all new projects unless you are switching between several files. The name of the file you create will be the same as the file name you chose for the Photoshop file with the.psd extension. This is because Photoshop keeps track of all your files with.psd extensions and you can save your new files to any of them. If you change the name of the new document you create, you will have to locate and replace the.psd extension on all of your original files. To help you find and replace.psd files, Photoshop provides the ‘Find and Replace’ option in the Edit menu. Change File Type The Photoshop file type can affect file size and when opened in other applications. By default, Photoshop files are saved as Photoshop (.psd). Other file types may include: Photoshop (.psd) Photoshop (.psd) and TIFF (.tiff) Photoshop (.psd) and TIFF (.tiff) (TIFF is the native file type for Windows and macOS) Photoshop (.psd) and JPG (.jpeg) 05a79cecff

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Expertise KHATEMANEZA – A focused author, art director, illustrator and co-owner of VerdunArt Studio in Montreal, Khatemaneza has published numerous magazines in the fields of contemporary art and design. She also publishes the artistic journal Clutch Magazine. She has directed, produced and curated many art and design events and exhibitions throughout Quebec and across North America. In 2017, her solo exhibition “How does it sound?” at Métropolitain art gallery in Montréal featured 10 local Canadian artists. She published the book La Neige l’Amour (The Snow of Love) in 2014, featuring her artwork on 50 covers and a complementary essay. This approach has been followed in the future as the artist intends to offer the most impactful and stimulating curatorial projects, in a short period of time, at the venues of various art institutions that she chooses in order to support future artists. Recently, we spoke about her most recent projects, creative process, and mediums, including pens, pencils, and on paper. Your new exhibition, The Snow of Love, at Métropolitain is curated by yours truly. What does it mean to do this curatorial project in collaboration with someone you know? Laughter is first of all what I feel in working with someone I know. I am sensitive to the artist’s vision and also to his or her concept; she understands my work, and I understand her work. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We can listen to each other. This exhibition is a nice ending to a very interesting and stimulating project – how does it feel to complete such an ambitious curatorial project? I think it’s actually difficult to finish a project. You need to continue it. I like the challenge. It’s like making a new car, but it’s always the first step that’s the most difficult. I’m now starting something else. For The Snow of Love, is there a specific theme that you’re trying to touch on? It’s a theme of love, but of course it’s a global theme. It’s like a symbolic journey, and it’s a big theme in design, in graphic design, in cinema. In this work, it’s particularly the aesthetics of music

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Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.4 or later (also Intel, 32/64-bit Windows) with DirectX 9.0 or higher or OpenGL 2.0 or higher; 2GB RAM is recommended (4GB or more is recommended for gaming); 2.3GHz CPU (2.6GHz or faster) is recommended; 300MB free hard disk space is recommended; 128MB VRAM is recommended. ※Mac users can run this game on Intel

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