Nothing beats that intuitive sense that says, “I know precisely the place I’m going.” Sadly, we’re simply not programmable, as robots are. We can not just download directions into our brains to be stored forever, so we rely on maps. Over the years, mapping has turn out to be a lot more than just road maps and road atlas functions. At the moment we use online maps to advise us on local companies, news, weather, visitors and more.

Google Maps has turn into the template of alternative for a number of native food maps. At Menurequest, you can plot eating places on a map of your city, as well as read/write evaluations, make reservations and get driving directions. In Philadelphia, Communitywalk is an amazing resource for local occasion organizers who want to ask a number of close by restaurants to participate.

At Toeat, you’ll find a number of dining options in your neighborhood. In main cities like NY, Paris, Bangkok and Chicago, you will discover baked items at Yummybaguette. Or you might must get your burrito fix at Burritophile. Drinkers can appreciate Wineandtimes, which helps plan a winery tour, as well as Drinktown, which allows you to know all the local booze specials.

Google Maps just isn’t the only “mashup maker” on the block, of course. A number of non-Google applications have popped up to serve a wide variety of functions. As an illustration, should you live on a fault line, then visit Lerdorf, as chances are you’ll admire the “Real-Time Earthquake Map.” In case you are looking for nearby bloggers, movie showinstances, gas prices or driving directions, then you may see “Atlas” (based mostly on MSN’s Virtual Earth platform) at Atlas Freshlogicstudios.

One of the most standard mapping sites is Flickr, where newbie photographers can share their photos and create maps of their favorite places, people and things. Readers have given rave evaluations for Gutenkarte, the place lit lovers can read full books (equivalent to Jules Verne’s “Across the World in 80 Days”) chapter by chapter, while viewing a map of the areas mentioned in the book. If you happen to favor news to fiction, do not miss the world and local news at Mappedup or Poly9 Throughvirtualearth (the place MSNBC news is plotted out on a map!)

You could find directions in your laptop, in your GPS gadget or even in your cell phone. The pattern is that programmers are finding ways of bringing online maps to you, regardless of where you are. For example, if you end up lost somewhere with little time to recoup, by no means concern: Loki can track your location by way of satellite and ship you a map to your next location in your mobile phone.

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